Thanks for checking out my blog, Im based on the East Coast of Australia, just outside of Sydney.

I do this landscape photography gig full time and I currently shoot with the following gear.

Fuji GX617 panoramic (90mm lens) and also the Fuji G617 (fixed 105mm lens)

Fotoman 6×24 panoramic (110mm lens)

Canon 5D Mk II with 17-40mm f4, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8 and 400mm f5.6

I scan all my own film on my Imacon 343 scanner

Manfrotto Tripods and I use the lee filter system with ND grads. I only shoot Velvia 50 slide film and maybe a bit of Fuji 400X

Feel free to post on the blog with any questions or comments.

Happy Shooting


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  1. Hi, came across your blog whilst doing a search, thought you might like to look at some panoramic images of the UK. Shot on a Linhof using Velvia, just getting geared up with a Horseman 617 as it has interchangable backs so lenses can be changed mid roll.



  2. Yea the Horseman looks like a nice camera. Excellent range of lenses as well. No sure if the dark slide factor would be a huge selling point for me, but it wold be a nice to have. Maybe if your shooting 220 film.

  3. Hi Matt!

    I just came across your website and now blog from searching on Google, and was VERY impressed! Where abouts in Sydney are you living?

    I’m an aspiring photographer myself, just moved to Sydney from the US to focus on shooting full-time. I’d love to grab some coffee and poke your brain if you’re ever around and have time. Either way, keep up the amazing work and thanks for the inspiration!


    David Huting

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