8 thoughts on “Gear 4 Sale

  1. If you have sold your panorama cameras what do you use now to get your pan photos or were they just excess?

  2. Alex… I bought Christian Fletchers Fuji GX617 with the 90mm lens and I also now own a Fotoman 6×24 panoramic film camera.

    When I bought the GX617 I sold the other two cameras. Never without a 6×17. Thanks for posting on the blog.

  3. Hey Matt

    Im starting up my own business after being out of the industry for about 12 years.

    What do you have for sale at current? I need everything – guilotine, mat board cy=utter, v nailer, staple gun, compressor etc ec

    know any framers wanting to finish up their business and sell?

  4. I have a Widleux nothing on the scale of the fuji and never thought after shooting film and going digital I would go back to film. Suffice to say the Fuji Velvia 50 and 100 speed is perfect for this type of work. I am interested in the Fuji camera just for clarity of the negative and getting a better scan from the base. I would welcome advice and anything anyone would share.

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