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The Great Barrier Reef Landscape Photography

The Great Barrier Reefs that runs for 2600km along the coastline of Queensland is the worlds largest living organism and reef system. It is so large that is can be clearly seen from space. The reef is made up of 2900 seperate pieces of reef with over 900 islands and sand cays peppered along the length of the system as well. The Barrier Reef is a major tourist attraction for Queensland generating an extimated 4 - 5 billion dollars a year.

Our collection of images of the Great Barrier Reef were captured off Cairns and feature the popular Green Island, Vlassof Cay and some of the out reefs such as Blue Pool, Sadbury Cay and Elford Reef.

Great Barrier Reef Aerial Photography
Our latest images from Queenslands Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef ImagesTo truely appreciate the expansiveness of the reef you need to see it from the air. We chose to private charter a helicopter to shoot our images but there are sea planes as well or group chopper flights. We chose to use GBR Helicopters for our flight, very professional and knew the reef. The best times to view the reef are on a sunny day and try and go when the sun is at it's highest to get the best photos.
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Our collection of photos of the reef can be viewed on line. All photos are available framed, photo only, stretched onto canvas, acrylic face mounted and more.

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Barrier Reef Posters

All of our photos in the gallery are available as beautiful posters. We print everything to order, so your posters will arrive in perfect condition ready to be framed for your wall.

Printing our photos on fabric, splashbacks, wall paper
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Our Great Barrier Reef Photos can be used in many different and exciting ways. Subject to approval we are able to let you license our image so they can be printed on glass for kitchen splashbacks, on material for furnature, wall stickers, wall paper and more. If your interested in this please send us an email.

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All photos are handsigned and titled by the landscape photographer Matt Lauder
All Matt Lauder photo can be cropped or printed to a custom size
Printing our photos on fabric, splashbacks, wall paper