Fotoman 624 / 6×24 panoramic camera for sale


Fotoman Front

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The full kit back with film door open view finder

back of camera fotoman_groundglass1


This is a sale that I wish I didn’t have to make but there is camera equipment I need to buy and the Minister of Finance and Affairs (the wife) will not approve more camera purchases without me sacrificing some gear I already have.

So here it is. My Fotoman 624 fitted with the Schneider 110mm Super Symmar XL lens. Complete with Schneider center filter and will also come with the magnetic ground glass. The ground glass is only a month old and comes in its own protective case.

This camera was purchased new in February 2009 from Mainline Photographics in Sydney.

This camera is in as new condition and has had about 15 rolls of film run through it.

All up this kit has cost me around $7000 and I am selling it all for $5000. Will courier anywhere in the world, but only via registered traceable means.

Further details on the cameras specs can be found on the Fotoman website. Click here.

If you have any questions, want additional images sent to you etc please don’t hesitate to call me on 0414 374 533 or email through my site.


0 thoughts on “Fotoman 624 / 6×24 panoramic camera for sale

  1. wow nice camera, wish i could buy it :(..

    well while im hear il ask a question that has been bugging me!, when using nd grad filters on you panoramic cameras, how do you know where the horizon is if the view finder doesn’t let you see through the lens?, hope that made sense lol…


  2. Mitch it just comes down to experience with using the camera. More like skilled guessing. But with the ground glass it is easy as you are looking through the lens and you can line it up perfectly.

  3. What beast are you looking to purchase after this monster is gone? quick one.. would i be right in assuming you can only do horizontals with this bad boy? It’d be pretty hard to do a vertical yeah?

  4. oh and another question… how do you know if the picture is framed up right when you cant see the distance of the subject trough the lens. like how can you compose your photo when you cant see if you are to close or to far away from the subject???

    hope i worded that right lol

    cheers n thanks for your help 🙂

  5. Bryce, no new beats, but I am interested in large format 5×4… but that will have to wait, I am investing in some more pro lenses for the canon to do some different type of photography.

    Mitchell all ranger finder cameras like this have a view finder that you frame up the image correctly and in regards to correct focusing it has a focus ring and you judge your hyper focal distance with that in relation to the f-stop your shooting at.

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  7. Hi Matt, can you let me know if the camera is still availble. I am after something just like it, I would like to have a look at it in about 2 weeks when i return from the USA.

  8. Hi Matt, this camera still available?
    Are you still asking for $5,000 for the kit?
    Having a look at the Fotoman 617 as well so very interested in the Fotoman 624.



    • Hi Cameron,
      Yes the camera is still for sale. The 624 is quite a unique camera. The lens on it has the width of a 72mm lens and the height of a 105mm lens. So it is great.

      • Must be a niche market since your camera has been on sale since August 2009.
        How many rotations have you used it for?
        You have a Fuji 617, I’m also looking at an essentially new Fotoman MkIIL 617 + schneider 90mm f/5.6 as well.
        You have decided to sell the 624 rather than the 617, why?
        Is it because you prefer the framing of the 617?
        Also, I have an almost-new Zeiss 21mm for Canon mount. I don’t know whether you would be interested in it as a trade-in?
        I will likely sell it on ebay to fund my new film camera.



  9. Yea the camera and format is quite unique and not for everyone, hence the length of time to sell it, plus I have only advertised it here. Cant believe I have had it that long.

    Not in any rush to sell it, but if someone one wants it I will sell for the advertised price. The camera has had little use. Under 50 rolls of film through it.

    I think you would be better off with a 617 for a starting film camera not the 6×24.

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