Scanning slide film sydney
Professional Film Drum Scanning Service
The quality of your film scanning is just as important as the skill, time and dedication you have investing in taking the shot. Supplying you with a high quality, clean, colour managed scan that maxamises details in highlights and shadows is an essential part of your capture work flow from image to print.

We have scanned every image in the main gallery on this website and we have operated a scanner for over 8 years. The time, effort and dedication we put into scanning our work will be invested in your own film. There is no reason why your beautiful looking piece of film, shouldnt be a beautiful looking digital image on your computer screen.
Film scanning Sydney
Our scanning at a quick glance.
  • Your images scanned and colour managed on a hardware calibrated Mac screen by a professional photographer.
  • We offer excellent pricing for high quality, high res scans.
  • Got an image that is slightly dark in areas, when we can double scan at no extra charge and target the shadow areas for blending
  • We do on going scanning for numerious Australian and international photographers. Further discounts are offered for repeat customers.
  • Quality reviewing. When we scan your film we check the quality of the scans as they are done. During this process if we notice anything of concern with your images like them being soft on the edges, blurry etc we will let you know, so you can possibly look at having your camera serviced to recitfy the problem.
  • Want to try before you buy. Then send us two images to scan free of charge so you can see the quality yourself.
Scanning Details
Colour Space:
We scan in ProPhoto RGB as a default to give you the largest colour space available. Other colour spaces on request. Even the Joseph Homes Colour Spaces.
File types:
All images are scanned as TIFF files. 16 bit scans can be done on request.
Film Sizes:
We can scan 35mm, Xpan and all Medium Format including 6x24. Slide, Negative and B&W film.
We will burn your master images to DVD. Your most welcome to supply USB memory stick, external hard drive or flash card for your scans to be saved onto.
We do not charge burning fees or the cost of the DVD
A full list of our pricing can be found in our downloadable price list. But just quickly here are some pricing on popular sizes.
- 35mm scanned at 3200 dpi. $10 per scan.
- 6x6 medium format. $10 per scan @ 400 dpi.
- 617 medium format. $14 per scan @ 400 dpi.
- 624 medium format. $17 per scan @ 400 dpi.
Film Handling:
All film is handled with white cotton gloves and before scanning your film is blowen with compressed air.
Professional Drum scanning of film