Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of emails and calls from customers from all over the world. Where possible we really try and get back to you all in a timely manner, to save you a call or email I have put together some of our most common inquires.

Yes we can print our work on photographic paper and canvas any size you want, we can crop the images as well to fit a certain size or shape you need them to be.

Yes, we do this quite often for customers. Just email us with the image code of the shot you would like to see as black and white and we will email to you a sample of what the image looks like black and white. At the time please also let us know what medium you want the photo printed on (Photo Only, Canvas, Acrylic etc) and what size.

We shoot with professional Canon digital and Fuji film cameras. Both give us the ability to print our work large, the bigger you print it the better it looks. In saying that we don’t offer photo sizes on the site where it compromises the quality of the image. Some of our panoramic images have been printed up to 9 meters wide on a laundry splash back. For a detailed looked at the quality of our images large you have a look at this job we did on canvas it will give you a great idea of what to expect with your own chosen photo from our online gallery. The image was our beautiful Maroubra Beach sunset photo.