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Freshwater Beach and Ocean Pool Landscape and Aerial Photos

Welcome to our Freshwater Beach page. This page showcases some of the amazing photos I have of Freshwater Beach and it’s Ocean Baths as wide-angle panoramic images on sunrise or during the peek of summer and also a great collection of aerial images as well taken over the years from chatered helicopter flights.

All our Freshwater Beach pictures are very high resolution and are printed and framed in our own professional printing and framing lab that just does our own work. Below you will see some of the samples of the finished work we have done for customers and shipped all over Australia, along with some other products that feature Freshy.

All the Freshwater Beach photos can be found in our Northern Beaches Landscape Gallery online. Where you will find over 300 photos of the Northern Beaches coastline from Balmoral Beach to Shelley Beaches, Manly all the way up to Palm Beach.


Aerial, Surf & Landscape Photos of Freshwater Beach

Freshwater Beach Aerial PhotosWe have a nice collection of landscape and aerial photos of Freshwater Beach. Colourful sunrises and beautiful summer shots with the beaches packed full of people.

Freshwater Beach Summer Photos

Classic Freshwater Beach Summer Day

Anyone who is a local to Freshwater will know that this photo is your typical sunny day down at the beach. That low sand bank that you can walk out on and the perfect waves that sweep in like in this photos. Classic Freshy.

Freshwater Surf - Aerial Photos

One of my favourite aerial photos of Freshwater Beach and most popular was this one taken in summer looking down over the beach in that low water area with swimmers. This image looks great and here is an example of it printed 40 x 26 inch on Acrylic Glass for a Sydney customer wanting something to make her unit for sale look even better when it went up for sale. When the unit was sold it was sold with the condition that the image was part of the sale.

Freshwater Ocean Baths Sunrise Photos

Freshwater Ocean Pool is Olympic sized with 8 marked lanes and they look stunning on sunrise or sunset, but especially from the air as you will see below in another image on this page. Just stunning. The pool is closed late Wednesday to Thursday for cleaning. For more info on these natural ocean pools and baths that line Sydney’s Coastline we have a full article on it titled Sydney’s 15 Best Ocean Baths and Rock Pools for Swimming in this summer.

Freshwater Beach Ocean Pool Aerial Images

As I mentioned above here is Freshwater Ocean Pool from the air. Just stunning. I love those colours in the water and the swimmers to the left of the pool in the shallow water.

Freshwater Beach Aerial Photos
Backwash Freshwater Aerial Photos

Backwash Freshwater Beach Aerial Pictures

This is the most popular of my Freshwater Beach aerial images. Just taken out the back of the surf break where the water backwashes and makes this fantastic pattern in the water by bringing up the sand and its complements with surfers as well. Here is the photo printed as a framed 30 x 20 inch photo, printed on metallic paper and framed in our Tasmanian Oak.

Sydney Splendour - Landscape Photo Book

Over the years we have published a number of books that showcase the beautiful Australian coastline from Newcastle to Sydney and this book showcases Sydney’s Beaches and the city.

The books are 64 pages in length, hard backed and only weighs 260 grams which means if your posting it locally or overseas it goes as a large letter rate when packed in one of those Australia Post padded bags.

The book retails for $15 and is part of our Wildlight series of books. The books are titled Newcastle – Novacastrians,  The Central Coast and Sydney’s Eastern Beaches. All books can be purchased in our online E Shop.

Below is a full page walkthrough video of one of the books.

We did have a Northern Beaches book published and it sold out, so we are awaiting some new photos to be taken to complete the book and then it will be republished as part of this series.

Sydney's Eastern Beaches Landscape Photography Book

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