Bondi Icebergs

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** As of June 2017 our gallery has relocated to West Gosford, the Warners Bay Gallery is no longer openĀ  **

It has been just over 12 months since our move to our gallery address in Warners Bay. Over the last 12 months since our post we have been busy getting established. We have just recently installed some of the latest picture framing equipment into our lab Still Creations that handles all our orders, along with the work of other photographers and pretty much anyone with a camera and whats their photos printed or framed.

Two months ago we launched our new website that is now 100% encrypted for customer safety. So not just the checkout is secure every page of the site is. Our image pages have interactive framing viewing, we launched a new frame type the Raw Tasmanian Oak, which is very popular.

With the time demands of having a gallery open the photography side of things has taken a bit of a back seat but still managing to get out and about. This year I did two aerial shoots of Sydney’s Eastern Beaches one focusing on Cronulla and the other a sunrise shoot.

Bondi Icebergs
Bar Beach Aerial on Oak Frame

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