Image Use

Firstly : All the images on this website are copyrighted and any use private or commercial need to be under written permission by Matt Lauder Photography. So please don’t steal or use any of our images without permission. At no time do customers who license the image own it, your just paying for the right to use it.

Now that’s out of the way, thank you for thinking about using our images for your private or commercial project. Our images can be licensed but it depends on the use of the image, just because your willing to pay for an image license dosen’t mean we will approve your request, our main reason for this is we sell our printed images to customers and we need to ensure that if a customer spends $2500 for a framed photo, their not going to see the same image on the side of the road, on a bill board advertising a bunch of units.

Below you will find some basic information on our pricing and common criteria we use / reject images on. This is just a guideline.


Web – For images used on websites we charge $150. This is a one off price and you are not requested to re-license the image in 3 or 5 years time. If you looking at buying more than one image we will discount the price accordingly. We have licensed images as low as $110 per image for clients buying in excess of 10 images.

High Rez Print – Our print license are $330 per image (exceptions to this are calendar companies who have their own set rates). This price is for people who like one of our images and wish to print it on things like Kitchen splashbacks, wall paper etc. We then supply the high rez file to your printer once payment has been made.

For customers looking to print our images on invitations and other forms of general publishing (not for profit) our price is $250.

What we dont do:

1. We don’t do free image use licensing with the client offering “credit to who took the photo”. We have done this in the past and found it yields us nothing in return. Though if your willing to link your website to ours we can offer a discount.

2. We don’t license images for web use to clients who don’t have a professional looking / designed website.

3. We don’t do complicated agreements / arrangements for image use on web or in print with customers where images can be rotated with new ones either on 6 or 12 month rotations.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you want to use an image for a particular project and their are