Shore Break
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:: Shorebreak

 | 9:09 am

The one thing about photography is persistence and dedication, dedication in going out each and every day to see what the new day holds for you in the form of colour, light and when it comes to shooting the ocean, the creation of waves. Even the most average photo conditions can suddenly turn into a memorable one with the simple shifting or creation of clouds or in the case of the ocean a quick increase in swell. I’m new to shooting the ocean in terms of making it my focus and not using it as something to complement my landscape composition, so I have a bit to learn in how to read the scene and what I can expect.

After persisting with heading out morning after morning on Monday I was finally rewarded with some great conditions on sunrise down at Copacabana Beach on the Central Coast of NSW. Shooting from the shore in knee high water as the waves built up and crashed where I was standing it was a game of shoot and run before you and your gear got pounded. About 20 minutes of running the gauntlet and my luck was enough.


Ocean Rain
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Rip Curl
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New Day
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Copa Crest
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