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For those that view my blog and who un aware I own my own Imacon Flextight Drum scanner and all the slide film images on my web site is scanned with this scanner.


I offer my drum scanning service to other photographers and I scan work for quite a few already. My scanner can scan anything up to 6×17 but not 5×4. I have scanning plates for all formats including Xpan.

Here is some feedback from a customer who I did some scans for recently who had been using another company based in Melbourne who scans with an Imacon.


“Hi Matt,

I have been going through the scans and I’m really happy with them. They are a lot truer to the original trannies than the (company name removed) scans had done. Some of the scans (company name removed) did were so far removed in tone and colour from the originals it took me literally hours (days) and multiple tries to get them back to normal. Your scans seem to take a few minutes to have them looking true…. “


There is nothing worse than getting a bad scan and that’s what prompted me to buy my own scanner in the first place to keep the quality at a high level and to save time correcting bad scans.


If your interested in trying my scanning services then I am happy to scan an image or two free of charge so you can see for yourself the quality and true colour my scanner can get from your images.

My pricing on scanning and details on sending your film can be seen here.

5 thoughts on “Drum Scanning

  1. Hi,

    Could you let me know how much your scanning would be? Also which Imacon do you use?

    Ideally the max size print will be up to 90×30 inches from a 6×17 slide?

    I’m in the Uk.


  2. Hello, I have a tranceparency of a picture and I want it to be printed onto photo paper to be able to have it framed. Would you be able to scan this?

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