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On Saturday (28th Sep 13)  I kicked the day off at 4am with a morning drive to Newcastle to shoot sunrise, thought seeing I was heading up that way for an aerial shoot I might as well do sunrise and Newcastle is my favorite location to shoot, so it wasn’t hard to make the effort. Waiting around for my lunch time take off from Williamstown Airport seamed to take for ever but after a quick snooze in the McDonalds car park near the airport sped things along. Come flight time the skies were clear, the forecasted 30 knot winds seamed to be holding off and we were good to go.

I shot Newcastle from the air last year and this trip was to fill in some of the missing locations I wasn’t able to get like Redhead Beach and I also focused on some local surfing as well, which came up a treat. After an hour of non stop shooting and about 50 Gig’s worth of digital images it was all over. Plus the winds had picked up and was throwing the chopper around a bit.

I got a few ideas of doing some morning aerial shoots either in Newcastle or out Sydney way so I decided to fork out for a new 5D MK III which will come in handy with the shooting in the low light. See how we go.

Dolphin Pod, Merewether
Cowrie Hole
Redhead Beach Break

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