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As a landscape photographer who started out on film I have slowly integrated digital into my work, especially over the last couple of years where I have worked out that their are situations where one rules the other. One of these situations is aerial photography. For a few years now I have had the luxury to private charted helicopters to get some of the unique aerial shots that grace my collection of images, but each and every time I have been left disappointed by the colour and image quality from my film work. So on my last venture into the air I left the panoramic film camera in the cupboard and experimented with stitching images taken in the air to make panoramics. Was not an easy thing to to do, I had a great pilot who worked with me in getting the right angles, but as you can see from the above image the final result is well worth the effort.

Over summer I will be doing more and more chopper shoots and stitching wide angle images hopefully as impressive as this along Sydney’s coastline. Fingers crossed for this kind of success anyway.

Also below are some other shots from the last week on film, just to show it’s beauty with those early morning colours.

Newcastle Baths
Newcastle Baths
Canoe Pool

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  1. Hi I have a beautiful photo on canvas of Merewether Baths which I purchased from you about 3 years ago. I also bought one of the Light House at Byron Way which I gave to my niece and her husband for their engagement. Stephen proposed to Kate at the Light House so it was really special to them. I would love to be on your mailing list please. I live at City Extra Apartments in Newcastle City and wonder if you will be taking more photographs of the city in the future? Regards Jo

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