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There really is no other city like Sydney when it comes for places and locations to shoot and even when you think you have shot everywhere you find another location or angle that you haven’t. With the city being such a well recognised international icon with the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge some views can get a bit “same old same old”, even when you manage to catch a shot with incredible light. To truly get that unique view and angle it involves a bit of online research and your credit card to find and shoot from a room with a view.

Shooting from hotels rooms with amazing views of the city can get expensive and for most trying to justify the expense of a $800 a night room to your significant other might be a hard sell, but not all rooms with amazing views of the city cost that. Shooting from hotels rooms certainly have their own set of challenges. Dirty windows, double glazing so no matter how hard your try to stop reflections in your shot, it’s impossible when the light reflects off an internal window, limited window space, getting your tripod in the right spot, but if you can over come these challenges then your in for a serious reward when you process your digital files or film.

So which rooms and hotels do I recommend you shoot from…. now that is the $800 a night question. 🙂

All these photos and more can be found in our online Sydney Photo Gallery, if you have a unique view of the city and would love a professional photo of it, lets us know we would to hear from you.

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Sydney Metropolis
Sydney Harbour

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