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The Shangri-La Hotel located a stones throw of Sydney Harbour showcases from breathtaking views of Sydney’s famous icons the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Capturing such images on sunrise and sunset does take a certain amount of luck to snag the right light and with the cost you have for the room your going to want lady luck on your side that’s for sure.

So my plan on shooting this hotel had been in my mind for some time. I booked the hotel room almost a week in advance as I wanted to make sure I was able to get the room I wanted and also it was a special occasion. So regardless of the weather this was going to happen. The forecast for the night was sketchy “cloudy with rain”. Oh well weather prediction isnt an exact science. So on arrival to the hotel the sky was overcast and gray, so we unpacked and headed out for a drink and some early dinner. Decided against a second drink and headed back to the room and when entering the room the top image was what greeted us. Was unbelievable, the speed of the storm cell crossing the window was done in minutes. Lucky that I had set up all my gear and tripods before leaving. That was just a preview to the light that was going to follow for that trip. A storm cell rolling through to beautiful afternoon light to sunset and then a kaleidoscope sunrise in the morning. All the images can be seen in my Sydney City online gallery.

If you love photography and if you ever get the chance to treat yourself shooting from a hotel room window like this has to be on your shooting bucket list.



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