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:: The Glorious Merewether Baths

 | 12:46 am

Over the last few months when I have visited Newcastle, swinging past Merewether Baths to grab a photo or two on sunrise has always been high on the agenda. But each and every time there has been numerous other photographers scattered around the place. This morning on my approach off the F3 the sky was looking very promising and the closer I got that potential was turning into certainty. I made my way to Merewether Baths not holding my breathe or getting my hopes up, I pull into the car park and scan the usual “Hero Shot” spots and I was couldn’t believe that there was only your casual swimmer doing laps.

I unpacked, set up and started to take a few shots. I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder every 5 minutes expecting to see a photographer in full flight running towards me as they extended the legs on their tripod to save those precious moments of time. (Good light can be gone before you know it). Anyway no other photographers rocked up and I had the place to myself.

Over the years I have learnt that it pays to shoot each scene well but there is little point in keeping your camera in one spot for every shot. So I tend to move around a bit to maxamise the location and the light. Saves picking only one or two photos out of 12 shots if you keep your camera in a fixed, single composition position. Move around and you can add at least 4 or 5 different angles and light to your collection of shots for the mornings effort. From this morning alone I added 5 images to my Newcastle Online Gallery Section and several images for the stock site. All in a mornings work !

Merewether Dawn
Merewether Baths Pump House
Sunrise Colour | Merewether Baths

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