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Rubbing Pixels is now live…. Launched on the 10th of February 2010 is my new website that is dedicated to landscape photography. The features in the field video tutorials on using both digital and film cameras. Along with an extensive range of video tutorials on all things landscape from in depth image editing masterclasses, tips and tricks, retouching techniques, written articles, tutorials for those wanting to use and shoot slide film and tutorials from other landscape photographers and industry professionals. We have a host of free tutorials that you can watch to wet your appetite for what the site has to offer.

Tutorials feature editing platforms such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, PtGui and others.

The websites home address will be

7 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorials

  1. Hi Matt

    I just watched your tutorial on ‘The Entrance’ shot of the boat. Beautiful shot and the video was very informative.

    I have a question about noise reduction and sharpening. I noticed you didn’t do either in the video, is this something you normally don’t do or does it depend on the shot? Also is sharpening or noise reduction best done during the RAW conversion or better done in photoshop when doing the other adjustments?


  2. Thanks for the feedback Dave.

    I personally dont do any sharpening of the image in RAW I do that in PS. I either use the High Pass Sharpen method or Smart Shapen.

    As for noise reduction I find the files from my Canon pretty good so I have never really felt the need for this but I would use the feature in RAW. Though I think a better work around would be buying the PS plugin called Noise Ninja.

    Hope this helps if not just ask. Cheers

  3. i was lucky enough of late to have matt over for some intense training .. he is not only a good bloke but a gifted photographer who is willing to share his love of photography to others . thanks heaps mate .. look forward to shooting again with you ..

  4. Matt, I am a fully paid-up member of your rubbing pixels site and would just like to thank you for the wonderful series of tutorials. They are truly inspirational, generously packed full of practical advice and tips. I currently use Photoshop Elements but, having watched a number of the tutorials, am now considering biting-the-bullet and upgrading to CS5. Is this a sensible investment to get the most from my photo-editing workflow? I have also heard of Adobe Lightroom but do not know what this software offers that’s different to Photoshop. Any advice would be very much appreciated :) Cheers

    • Hi Keith,
      Great to hear your enjoying the site. Buying Photoshop is always worth it. Lightroom is a pumped up version of Camera RAW and Adobe Bridge. It is an excellent program for photographers doing large volume shooting and bulk editing. But Lightroom dosent do a lot compared to Photoshop.

      Bet thing to do is to download the trial versions of both from Adobe and see which one you like.

      Hope this helps.

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