1ds Mark II first shot


The Entrance

I just received my 1ds Mark II and did my first shoot this morning (11 March 08) and my first impressions of this beast of a camera exceeds all my expectations. From owning a 20D and moving to this camera the difference in image quality isnt even on the same page.

The above shot is my test location where I will be trialling my 360 precision head when I get it next week.

Details of this shot are:
1ds Mark II
24-70mm lens shot at 24mm.
Exposure 2 sec @ F11 (metered for foreground used a 2 stop graduated ND)
Lighting on the boat courtesy of my Mazda 3’s headlights.
Post production using Photoshop CS3 on Mac Book Pro.

10 thoughts on “1ds Mark II first shot

  1. A year ago I upgraded from a 10D to a 5D so I totally understand what you mean by the difference in quality, I’m still blown away by the detail in the 5d images.

    After Christian’s workshop last weekend I’m also looking at this whole stitching thing too, the sharpeness of his stitched images is just astounding.

    Now I just need to talk to the financial controller (ie the wife) about getting one of these new panoramic tripod heads …

  2. wicked mate now you have finally arrived, piss those film cameras off quick smart, turn to the dark side, together we can rule the galaxy……………ok so I love star wars.
    I had the same impression going from my 20d also. Fletch

  3. Thanks guys, as for the the dark side Fletch I’m getting there but the velvia force is strong in this one still. 🙂

    Only had my 1ds for a day and after this mornings shoot and seeing the marks on the RAW file it needs a sensor clean so bye bye camera for two weeks. Off to Canon Hospital.

    I got my 1ds and am waiting for my 360 head, next week I will have my 360 head and waiting for my canon…. such a cruel world.

  4. Matt that’s really nice. Is it just the one photo? I only have a 400D, but with stitching i still get good resolution. I cant wait to one day get, probably a 5D, but i think a good tripod, pano head and probably a 24-70mm lens will come first.
    the car headlights look awesome! I thought that it would have been done in photoshop, but that worked out really well.
    keep it up!
    i got my new pics up on my blog now too.



  5. Thanks Dylan, yea it is only one shot. The 1ds is amazing. The resolution kills my 20D but don’t forget good glass on your camera helps a lot as well and the 24-70mm is exactly that.

    Yea the headlights worked well, saves doing it in photoshop or something similar. Not much in this shot other than a nice curve adjustment and selective colour and a small amount of masking on the boat and pylons.


  6. Matt, you should should seriously consider either finding a local camera store to clean your sensor for you and/or learn to do it yourself.

    It’s not quite the rocket science that camera makers would have you believe it is, and from my experience getting a camera store technician (one that you trust and knows what he’s doing) to do it for you will give you better & faster results than sending it back to Canon.

    I use a kit supplied by Plaza Imaging here in Perth and made by Visible Dust. If it’s beyond my ability to clean then Plaza will do it for me on the spot.

    If you want to read a bit about sensor cleaning here is some info with a few links

    Also, programs like Lightroom and Camera Raw have tools specifically designed to help remove those dust spots from your images.

    Don’t fight the pull of the dark side 😉

  7. Thanks Dave, the sensor is quite dirty all over considering I bought the camera as a demo model. Looks brand new, not a mark on it.

    Seeing the camera cost me a lot I’d rather leave it to the pro’s to clean and when I get it back I’ll stick my 24-70mm back on and it wont come off.

    Thanks for the link though. I like your work with your 5D. Nice looking site as well.

  8. Hi Matt,
    Great shot, love the headlight trick, I tried the same method on a building, bloody glass reflections.
    Im using a 40D and I love both the sensor cleaner and liveview functions. Both functions are also found in the 1ds MkIII, but its price, ouch!. Plus I dont think my poor old pc could stich 20megapixel images.

    Keep up the great blog.

    Cheers Tom

  9. Thanks Tom, yea it came out alright for a lifeless sunrise. The Mark III is a nice rig but very $$$. I think my Mac Book Pro will chug along with a 10 image stitch, may even need to upgrade to a more meatier Mac.

    Time will tell. Looking forward to posting more images on the blog when I get my Mark II back from canon and also the 360 head.


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