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As someone who shoots digital and slide film at a professional level I am always out shooting and thinking of new ways to advance myself not only as a photographer but also as a teacher of the art.

The images below are a series I shot last night – 12th August 2008 of a glorious sunset over Terrigal Beach on the the Central Coast. The shots are taken with my new digital workflow technique where I am able to capture a scene with a huge dynamic range in a single exposure.

All images are panoramic stitches taken on a Canon 1ds Mark II | 90% of the images are processed in Adobe Camera RAW (well taken original images are essential) then moved into CS3 for final touches (sharpening, dust removal, colour cast removal, minor cropping to 3:1 ratio). All images are approx 400MB @ 300 dpi.

This new work flow is now taught in all my courses. See my main website for course dates and locations.

Happy shooting.

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  1. Hi Matt. I notice that you still use film for panoramics also. How do you decide which format to use? I sometimes struggle to choose between panoramic and standard formats for my images and I reckon I would be even more confused if I had 2 panoramic options.



  2. Hi Richard, thanks for the post on the blog. I have shot panoramic slide for close to 9 years so it is something I will always be doing. What I love about digital is that I’m not restricted on field of capture. Where with shooting 617 on slide film sometimes you are say when looking through the viewfinder “Gee I wish I cold get that in as well.”

    It is a tough choice, I use to shoot both digital and panoramic at the same time (617 on one tripod and digital system on another) but I dont now. It’s either one or the other.

    Just waiting now for my Fuji GX617 to arrive via registered post.

  3. Nice shots mate ,
    I like the top one as well , the sky looks great .
    The bottom has interesting fore ground with the rocks

  4. Thanks Matt. That’s dedication, carrying 2 tripods! Keep up the good work, it inspires me to re-visit Australia one day. I would be intersted to know if you find the Fuji much easier to use than your Linhof.

  5. Richard both the Fuiji G617 and GX617 I find are easier to operate than the Linhof 617’s. Mostly due to the back of the camera not having to come off on the Fuji’s in order to load more film. Where with the Linhof you have too which is a pain. But you get use to either system.

  6. You know I’m going to go the opposite, I like the second more, my reasons are I love the soft pastel blue skies (maybe I have just been looking to much at E.Carmels images of late, man she is so good) and hint of whispy clouds. For me thats really appeals to me. Maybe a the POV could of been a little more sky.

    I like the top image though I find myself wanting to know what is around the crn of the left side rock wall towards the white sheds, Although I do know as I looked earlier this afternoon, I find the image makes me inquisitive about what is there, is that a good thing though?

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