Approaching Storm, The Entrance


The icy wind on this day had to be experienced to be believed, the weather changed so quickly from a hot sunny day to overcast and rain in mere moments. This image is stitched in Photoshop CS3 which I am liking over PTGui at the moment. I have been doing a lot of reading and watching online tutorials on Camera RAW and 95% of the post production of the shots that made this image up is done in Camera RAW prior to opening in CS3 and joining.

5 thoughts on “Approaching Storm, The Entrance

  1. The sky is faaaantastic. The composition is perhaps a bit too bulls-eye. looove the clouds!
    I always do as much post production as I possibly can on the raw files for a pano in either Rawshooter or Lightroom and then export as 16bit tiff and then stitch these in PTgui.

  2. dude I love it, there is something about the light, well done, I would have moved the hut to the right or left a bit more though but some creative cropping could fix that. You still have it mate, even when expecting twins!!!

  3. I love the encroaching cloud, you captured it brilliantly.
    I also do most of my work in Lightroom then export as 16bit TIFFs. With Lightroom you can also set up presets and is more user friendly than Camera RAW.

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