Aussie Dollar hits $1.0003 US dollars


At 23.13 yesterday (15th October 2010) for the first time since 1982 the Aussie dollar was worth more than the US dollar at $1.0003. But closed at 98.84 cents.

So I jumped onto the B&H website and ordered myself 25 pro packs of Velvia 50. (125 rolls should do me for a while) but our dollar is predicted to maybe hit $1.05 US so I might be pulling the frozen meat and chicken out of the chest freezer and filling it with something much more delightful over the coming months.

4 thoughts on “Aussie Dollar hits $1.0003 US dollars

  1. Might as well face you’re still addicted to film! Might as well, 35mm is starting to get hard to find and the prices are going up. I’ve heard of keeping film in the fridge, but not the freezer, can you do this? Could it affect the film?

  2. Great news Matt ! Way to go..125 rolls ! I am glad for you. I moved from Europe to the US and live in San Fran at the moment. I have been getting inspiration from your amazing work for years – see some of my work under the blog – and also bought a bunch of rolls. I order films both from B&H and Adorama (myself a Fotoman 6×17 owner). The later has a better deal in my opinion. Just a thought in case the ozzie $ gets even stronger. Soon to subscribe to your videos Matt !
    All the best and keep up the amazing work

    • Thanks for the kind words Marcell. I do recall that Adorama was slightly cheaper. I think it was a case of finally seeing that B&H had the film in stock as they were out for ages and I jumped at the chance to get some. With the dollar the way it is… it is all win / win for us over hear.

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