Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW

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I just completed a two day private workshop where we detailed both the capture and post production side of landscape photography.

This shot was a three image exposure blend that we edited from the sunrise shoot component of the course. Wasn’t the greatest of sunrises but still we got some interesting looking images from messing about with shutter speeds.

Not sure if this one is pushed too far, but it was fun taking it beyond the level of a natural looking seascape.

All post production work was done in Photoshop CS4 using a range of layers and blend modes, different luminosity masks, clipping masks on each images, funky Channel Mixer trick, B&W layers, dodge and burning the list goes on. Phew !!

I love the green water and the colour of the rocks to the right of it. The other day I was teaching here and it was low tide and I had to rescue a beautiful green beached Moray Eel. I did think about picking it up to get it back into the water but though better of it and gave it a quick flick with my tripod. Wasn’t easy but I got him back where he belonged.

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