Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW


Headed out this morning as my son Christian woke up at 5.40am. We have had quite a lot of nice light around this week so I was glad to shoot this one.

2 stop lee soft grad | panoramic stitch shot in Landscape mode on the 5D MkII. Knocked out a couple of shots on the GX617 as well.

8 thoughts on “Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW

      • Allen Prier :
        Let us know which one you like better and why
        Thanks, Allen

        Thanks for sharing your art and taking the time to respond. I’m considering the same camera (Canon 5D Mark 11) and learning to stitch. I have a Fuji w/ 180 and 300mm and love Velvia. That’s why I’m curious about your results. I’ve shot pano and velvia since mid 80’s with the Fuji and custom made wide format cameras, then get drum scans. Living in Alaska we have Lab challenges, so I thought about learning to stitch, and maybe selling the Fuji.
        You’ve got very impressive images, on the screen they look very nice. I’m really looking forward to checking your site out

  1. I’m looking forward to see the velvia shot to compare colours, mood and details. Love these colours Matt. Hope both of you had a great time shooting. Grt C.

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