Avoca Beach on the Fuji GX617


A post earlier this month I added a shot of this sunrise shot with the 5D MkII at the time I also took two shots on my Fuji GX617 panoramic camera on Velvia 50 slide film. Well here is the film shot. Click the image to see the larger version (1200 pix wide). When comparing the two this one has the colour the digital has the angle. Digital has no grain but the film one does. I personally like this one better.

With the two film shots I took, I kept my aperture and shutter speed the same between them but I did change grads from a 2 stop soft to a 3 stop soft and this one is the two stop soft. I cant remember the shutter speed but it would have been around 4 to 8 sec + your reciprocity failure compensation @ f22.

To see my previous post with the digital image click here.

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  1. Nice. I like the film one better, too. Besides the colour, I think the digital version is too wide. This composition is more intimate with the scene, whereas the previous one was too busy I feel. Anyway, keep them coming! 🙂

  2. yeah im with u beau!, this is my fave, the sky is saturated and smooth” unlike the digital one, i reckon the waves make it look to busy, as busy like beau said ….

  3. Matt – a question comes to mind – have you tried (or will you) to replicate the colour on the film shot, on the digital shot with your expertise in CS4?

    The words ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ seem to sprout everywhere there is a digital vs film or analogue debate, and I was wondering if, having seen the Velvia end-point as a reference, whether you can replicate it.

    Its obviously slightly more difficult to say – ‘this was shot in digital but I’ve now made it look exactly like Velvia would look’ if you did not have the reference point..


    • Hey Barney thanks for the question. After seeing the film you could try and work the digital one to match, but I would say you would be closing down detail and darkening colours to match and a bit of cropping as well.

      Plus the digital shot is taken a while later (5 or so minutes) so there is a whole different range of luminosity in the image.

      But I will keep that in mind for next time when I shoot both formats together and I will do a comparison to get the digital to match the film one as well and then post both.

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