Avoca Dawn on the Fotoman 624 ( Fotoman 6×24 )


Seeing I showed you guys the Fuji 617 shot from this sunrise I thought I would put up the Fotoman 624 shot. You should see the tranny this thing makes bloody incredible, especially when it is from a sunrise like this.

This camera is with me all the time now so I will be adding more shots I take with this beast.

Fotoman 624 | 110mm Symmar Lens | Center Filter | Velvia 50 | Lee 2 stop soft grad hand held | F22 for 10 sec


7 thoughts on “Avoca Dawn on the Fotoman 624 ( Fotoman 6×24 )

  1. OMG!

    its been awhile since i you have put up a 624….and i love the this one way more than the 617 ! , even though the pinks are not as saturated in this shot, it still looks great, i like that there is more blue in the sky

    hey i thought you was trying to get rid of this bad boy? haha

    i want to some photos under the canopy with this camera!

  2. It looks brighter in 624 picture,but there are more feelings to feel from those dramatic clouds in GX617 photo.By the way,if you have the chance to visit your mom in Perth,can you get some shots from this most beautiful ,neat,and small city in the world for me ? I studied English 18 years ago! Thanks.

    • Tom not sure seeing you can get a good 80 inch out of a 617 i would say 100 inch wouldn’t be a problem given the extra width. Almost like Ken Duncans Roundshot camera being 5:1 his limitation on printing that is can it be framed that large. Even now his large prints on that come with split Matt’s.

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