Balls Head Lookout, Sydney City

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Found something on my desktop to post. Just needed finishing off as it is a shot taken on the Fotoman 6×24.

Taken from Balls Head Lookout in the afternoon while teaching Mike who was out here from the US for business as he owns several McDonald restaurants. Amazing organisation and it was great talking to him.

This is a great lookout apart from the total destruction of the view of the harbour bridge from the apartment block, but boy imagine living there.

7 thoughts on “Balls Head Lookout, Sydney City

    • Would love to look at the view of the bridge and city from one of those apartment blocks. I dont think the building even has balconies such a waste. Certainly needs to be knocked down and even re built into something more suitable for that location. But imagine the unit cost of those facing the city.

  1. Hey Matt, awesome gallery. I have just returned from my first trip to Sydney where I spent 10 days enjoying the vast city and iconic landscapes.
    There needs to be something done about that building, can you get to the top of it for a shoot !

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