Bateau Bay, Sunrise Shoot


I have been heading out quite a bit of late shooting, some brilliant light getting around over this side of Australia at the moment. On this morning I took my daughter Lily with me and her bear which basically is attached to her. The top shot is taken on the Fuji GX617 and the bottom one on the Fuji G617. I bought my old Fuji back off the guy I sold it to. Love that camera. As you can see still makes a cracker of a shot.

16 thoughts on “Bateau Bay, Sunrise Shoot

  1. nice photos, my pick out of the two would be the one shot on the fuji G617,…. did u use any nd grads in this shot?


  2. the perspective on the 105mm lens is the best I have used…personal preference though. It’s definitely a camera that you operate on instinct though esp regarding the viewfinder!

  3. Hey Matt,
    Just watched your metallic rocks tutorial on Rubbing Pixels. Great little trick!. Applied it to some rocks in the latest post on my blog, made the rocks that were dry look wet and shiney..think i might have over done it though ahah.
    Cheers for the tuts!

    • Yea it is a cool technique hey. Some images can take a lot, some just need a little kick. I checked your your shot and it looked fine to me. Hard to say when you don’t see the original.

  4. Great to see the G getting a run Matt – I also like the bottom image best – nicer light IMO. My G also got a good run last week over the vic west coast. 🙂

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