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My first video post which I have titled “best original capture” shows you a transparency scanned on my Imacon 343 just to indicate the quality of an original capture on Velvia slide film without any processing in Photoshop.

To view the image on my site just click on the link view image

After previewing the movie I thought to myself…. Gee do I really sound like that. I thought I sounded way cooler… oh well.

9 thoughts on “Best original capture

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if that guy watches this video! Anyway, nice vid, you don’t sound ‘uncool’, heh… What resolution image do you get from one of these scans?


  2. Thank Beau, yea it would be nice if he watched the video but in this industry you have to have a pretty thick skin as you come across comments like that, but thankfully the good comment far out weight the bad.

    The resolution you get from one of those scans is fantastic but again the quality is subject to the type of film you have shot with and also the sharpness and exposure of the image being scanned. The Imacon scanner is the top of the line and I believe now the cheapest new one available is around $26 grand. Ouch.

  3. Thanks… Yea it was done with Camtasia 5. Unfortunately it is only available on PC but they are working on a Mac version thank god. Rendering the capture to AVI is a pain but it is good for web. The tutorials are coming along well they take a bit to polish before they are ready, getting the right file sizes for download, audio and resolution etc. All good fun though.

  4. the video looks good, cant wait to see some tutorials!
    I have a really intense red sunset image and some one told me they liked the way i used a red filter for it… i dont own any such thing!

  5. Your scanner must be a little more sophisticated than my ‘Canoscan LiDe 90’.
    Beautiful colours by the way, isnt all that infomation now obsolete? especially since you have gone digital.

    Great work with the vid, I did a search on youtube on Matt Lauder for more of your stuff and only got this

    Cheers Tom

  6. Thanks Tom yea the Imacon range of scanners are expensive. Mine was around $10,000 and I have also bought several other scanning plates as well.

    Im still shooting Slide film, the digital outfit is to complement my portfolio of work and to keep my finger on the digital pulse for my courses. As for the other Matt Lauder You Tube videos this is the only one at the moment. But there is a well known reporter in the US called Matt Lauder… obviously another legend. But I will be doing more videos in the near future.

  7. Found your blog through Christian Fletchers site, I like your work! This vid is great, Velvia is nice ‘cos it comes with built in Velvia picture processing, in digital we have to work hard to achieve this effect 😀
    I’ve scanned some of my 10 year old slides and they look super. I find my Canon 5D shots are sharper and cleaner though.

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