Blackhead Beach, Hallidays Point, NSW


As things start gearing up for Christmas with sales and deadlines for orders, thought I would post this recent shot from Hallidays Point on the Mid North Coast while I have the time as I wait for jobs to upload to labs. Very different coastline and rock around here than here on the Central Coast.

Panoramic stitch on the 5D MkII, shot with heavy sea mist on sunrise, after taking this shot as usual I got slammed with a wall of water off the rocks and got soaked, happens all the time doing this job.


5 thoughts on “Blackhead Beach, Hallidays Point, NSW

  1. cool shot matt. someting different but i like it!
    id just maybe get the skew tool out and tweak the left side down a tad to straighten up those trees (even if they’re not straight in real life) ?
    Have a great xmas!

  2. Hey,Matt,you’ve already got most of the spiritual content of Mother Nature that she wants to show,Natural,Wild,Unpredictable feelings.
    I feel this image has the same amount of value as Peter Lik’s. Congratulations.

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