Bogey Hole, Newcastle Day Photo Course

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new53d I’m really liking overcast days of late, there is so much more you can do during the day in lue of a totally clear day where the light can be harsh and un flattering and the light at the end is more dramatic as well

This is a shot from my Newcastle Day course that ran last weekend (27th June) where we were looking at the benefits of slowing down your shutter speed to achieve movement effects and colour shifts to your image.

The Bogey Hole in Newcastle is just one of many great spots to shoot and in this image you can see that the chain has been removed from around the baths to stop all the fools from holding onto it in large swell for thrills, only to wind up in the emergency section of the hospital with suspected skull fractures.

3 thoughts on “Bogey Hole, Newcastle Day Photo Course

  1. Interesting Matt – would love to see what you do do with a black and white version of this, given the subject matter and composition.

    While away an hour or two in front of the small screen, wouldn’t it?


  2. Nice shot Matt – love the detail.
    Yeah the duller light can have some advantages…but don’t overdose on it !

  3. Great shot Matt, those overcast days can save the day when there’s so much too shoot and so little time in the morning and evening. I had no sense of scale until I read about the missing chain, I like that in an image like this. Those eyelet could have been an inch high or 6ft high, keeps the viewer guessing.

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