Boom, Spoon Bay


Another shot of Spoon Bay. The shot had everything I wanted but the colour just wasnt there and the shadows were quite blue. But it worked great as a toned B&W. All done in CS3.

12 thoughts on “Boom, Spoon Bay

  1. I like it Matt, great movement in the wave and the bw treatment gives it an edge. Have you noticed with wordpress the small thumb doesn’t open to a big pic at the moment?

  2. Nice image Matt ! As said the BW treatment works well !

    To ‘get around’ the current wordpress thumb issue, I simply editied my post in the HTML option using the code from a previous image/post of mine and substituted the filenames…

  3. Thanks guys. Yea the wordpress change is a shame and this image looks great bigger.

    Neal I remember you moving to the top left of the image after I took this and you moved just in time as the next set of waves would have drenched you completely.

    Im going to go back to this spot one morning and try a get a bigger splash.

  4. Re. wordpress, must be an error that they’re hopefully fixing – like Tone says, edit the html and add the href manually. But I recommend using an external blog writer like Windows Live Writer, so much easier to blog with.

    This is a great duotone shot Matt!

  5. Nice one Matt,
    You capture the water really well, I have been trying, but struggling. Is this with your 10 stop filter?

    There is a big rock on the South East corner of Mollymook beach that is covered with slime as it acts as a horizontal waterfall all day, as the waves crashes over it the water runs towards you. I will try and capture it as it is like this shot.

  6. Hi Tom,

    No this is not shot with the 10 stop ND filter. To shoot this you are wanting a shutter speed of around 1/15 of a sec to capture the movement in the wave (this is shot at 1/13 @ f11) but the speed is going to be subject to the light in your shot. But aim for this kind of shutter speed and f stop for DOF. If you go slower than 1/4 of a sec you will get to much movement. Shots like this work with detail in the wave.

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