Catherine Hill Bay, Central Coast, NSW


Once again it is overcast and raining here in NSW. But I have really taken a shine to this kind of weather and the contrast of colours you can get in these conditions.

Shot with the 5D Mk II | 6 image stitch | lee 3 stop ND soft grad.

11 thoughts on “Catherine Hill Bay, Central Coast, NSW

  1. Trey swish image:) Have you ever thought about a tutorial on ‘Dealing with moving water when stitching’? You seem to be getting pretty good at it and a lot of your images involve the ocean thanks to your location. I have some stormy stitches from Sydney I took last year but I’m not happy with what I’ve made of the stormy sea. Please consider?

  2. Great shot Matt of a classic area. You got a great sky to work with. We may not have the pier for much longer if the owners get their way and tear it down, which would be a shame IMHO.

    Look forward to the tutorial.

    BTW, Catherine Hill Bay is still considered the Hunter and specifically Lake Macquarie. Just south of Catho is where the Central Coast starts đŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Andre, yea I heard that it might be getting pulled down. Glad I finally got there an snapped a shot of it. Yea I thought calling the location “Central Coast” was a bit of a stretch. Will make sure the next one is Lake Macquarie.

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