Circular Quay Photo, Sydney City & Colour Tone Video Tutorial


I have always wanted to get a better shot of this location but I never got the right light and this evening had so much potential. The light to my left was great but none of it stretched over my scene and it really didn’t deliver. Thing is the exposure was great and all the elements where there with the ferry’s and the overall composition so I had a play around in photoshop and found a nice and simple way to add some colour back into the shot. When adding a tone to the sky you got to think about how the light will behave not just in the sky but all over the image as if it was real.

My process to adding colour to the sky and beyond has been made into a video tutorial and available on the Rubbing Pixels website. Free to members and can be purchased for $5.99. This is the link to the tutorial. Enjoy.

This image was shot on the Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50 slide film.

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