Craigs Hut, Apline National Park, Victoria


Craigs Hut, Classic View

A few more shots from my successful trip to Craig’s Hut earlier this month.

All are panoramic stitches of various numbers and cropped to replicate film format sizes. I did shoot two rolls of film on the GX617 but they were mostly long exposure stuff and after seeing the kind of quality I got from digital I’m in no rush to get them developed. Another nail in the coffin for film… well for me anyway.

All shot on the Canon 5D Mark II | 24 – 70mm f2.8 lens

Craigs Hut, Apline National Park, Victoria

8 thoughts on “Craigs Hut, Apline National Park, Victoria

  1. You were quite right, Matt, when you said that it’s hard to find a new composition for shooting Craig’s Hut. I was there last Saturday and I’ve found that this hut was already photographed from all best spots. 🙂 The rock before the “roundabout” at the top photo, the place on meadow near the entrance.

    Really like the last one with the light inside the hut.

  2. Great shots, I still prefer the one from the previous post though, that was awesome. For me, these two need a bit more colour, warm the foreground a lot as the grass is somewhat dead, and maybe a bit of curves or levels, just to “pop” everything a bit more.

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