Craigs Hut Wall Poster – Alpine Victoria


The latest addition to my collection of wall posters is one of Craigs Hut. This is one of the photographic gems that Victoria has to offer with quite a history. Originally part of the Man from Snowy River set and it recently burnt down to the ground and has been re buit

This poster is printed on a thick 230 gsm paper and is 72cm x 36 cm in size. My range of 30 + posters can be viewed here, all posters are 19.95 each.

4 thoughts on “Craigs Hut Wall Poster – Alpine Victoria

    • Matt I think you would be looking around $15 – $18 for postage to the UK. Postage costs to the UK are crazy. My Northern Beaches book is $27.50 and cost $32 to post to the UK.

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