Crescent Head, Mid North Coast, NSW


Crescent Head, Mid North Coast, NSW

This shot has been in my archives for a while now and every now and again I have pulled it out, processed it and it is on it’s third try that I like it. Finally

I see an image like this hanging in my future gallery printed at 80 inches wide on Kodak metallic, mounted on aluminium, lit with directional halogens. Mmmm.

6 thoughts on “Crescent Head, Mid North Coast, NSW

  1. Thanks for all the comments guys.

    Ilya.. I’d love to see it as well.

    Flemming I will do a B&W conversion and upload soon.

    Fletch sorry to disappoint you mate but it is shot on good old Velvia.

  2. Flemming, you are not alone. My mother thinks that dramatic and powerful north (in her case) ocean is much better than calm and warm tropical sea. She feeds energy from severe ocean. 🙂

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