Dog Tree Road


Dog Tree Road, Tumbarumba

This shot has never been a best seller, but when I heard the story I had to take a photo… I just had to.

In the country there is an inherent problem of wild dogs that live in the state and private forests that survive at times by attacking local live stock, mostly sheep. The wild dogs are a mixture of dingo and also domestic animals gone wild that were used for pig hunting and left by their owners when they don’t come back. The damage is quite horrific and cost to the farmer adds up quickly. Over night a pack of dogs can easily kill 50 sheep and their lambs.

Well one elderly farmer many many years ago had taken to trapping and skinning the wild dogs and with their carcase he would then hang on a tree. He still does this even now.

Over time this kind of strange tradition had became a town story and the road the tree is on was named “Dog Tree Road”

Only in the country.

2 thoughts on “Dog Tree Road

  1. Wicked, one for the roadkill calendar this one, very interesting subject matter and I have to agree with Fletch.

    Maybe west-ozzies could do the same given the increase in fox numbers in WA. ‘Operation Western Shield’ seems to have died in the butt:( Unlike the rest of Australia, WA can use 1080 without risk to our native fauna (they’re immune, it grows here!) to target feral foxes, dogs and cats and we were doing so very well, then CALM got split up (thank you Labour). Don’t hear much about it anymore, just about the stock death. It’s time to add some Politicians to a tree!

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