Fire Sky, Sydney City Sunset Panoramic

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For those looking at this shot thinking you missed a sunset like this recently you can relax as this is a shot taken back in 2008 on the good old 1ds Mk II. It has just taken me this long to come back to the images for yet another attempt to get a balance of colours and contrast that I was happy with and a few days ago it finally happened. I had almost put it in the “Cant be bothered anymore” folder.

I find quite often all crazy sunsets like this you usually have to endure a day of rain and overcast conditions and this day was no exception. It was only the last 10 minutes before the sunset that you saw what was about to happen and this crazy colour started and finished in a matter 5 minutes. A real case of being at the right place at the right time.

Panoramic stitch of 12 images | 24-70mm lens | approx 180 degree view.


6 thoughts on “Fire Sky, Sydney City Sunset Panoramic

  1. Woa! Beautiful,peaceful,and incrediable.I don’t think anywhere I stay now(Taiwan),it has this kind of view.
    Great work,Matt.

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