First 360 Precision shot – Avoca Beach


Finally my new 360 Precision head arrived by FedEx. This is one serious chunk of metal. After working it out and a quick call to my mate Christian I felt ready to give this thing ago. So here it is my first stitch. I have cropped it in a standard 6 x 17 format. This is a 7 images at 50mm. Stitched in 16 bit with a file size of 587MB @ 300dpi. (17116×4279 pixels) before cropping to 6 x 17. Editing the water is a pain and this shot needs more work as one image threw the water out as it was a full wave curling.

I did upload this as a 6 x 24 but I like the more focused composition of 6 x 17 for this image.

This image is pretty much the field of view with my Linhof 90mm and this shot is a lot sharper than what my tranny would be and is grainless when viewed at actual pixels and I have a file 3 times the size what I would have scanned my tranny too.

10 thoughts on “First 360 Precision shot – Avoca Beach

  1. Thanks guys… no not fully digital, just playing at the moment. Stitched in PTgui. Be warned when you get your 360 head Neil it comes with no instructions what so ever and the only help on the site is how to put it together (two screws). The other pages are under construction and I am still waiting on an email back about why I got three brass rings (none of which are labled either) you would think for $1500 a few lables and an inforamtion sheet on whats provided wouldnt be too much to ask.

    The image I uploaded here looks terrible to the original. Am I missing something to uploading on this site via the dashboard??

  2. Tom the unit is very sturdy especially with the weight of a 1ds mark II hanging off the arm of the head. What I do find is when I take a shot and turn the head to the next dent you got to watch the shake in the head before you do your next exposure. Just a technique thing.

  3. Thanks Rod, yea waiting for the images to stitch / blend and then open in Photoshop takes a bit. But the good thing is that in between all that waiting I got through the list of jobs my girlfriend left me to do when she went to work. 🙂

  4. I’m pretty sure word press compress the images even further when it is hosted with them. I noticed the same thing when I load images o my face book url. I have only 1 image hosted on word press the rest are sourced from my flickr page which does not seem to compress the images any further that I set when I originally uploaded them to flickR.

    What you could do is source your image from your own url and then bring it into word press.

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