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Hi and welcome to my blog and my first blog entry…

My aim in setting up this blog is to give visitors and course students both past and future a look into the world of landscape photography and a behind the scene experience into what we go through to create these stunning images.

I will be posting images and detailed descriptions on how they were taken, along with any other interesting tips and tricks that I come up with.

I have a busy shooting plan for 2008, if I get to make it to half of these places I will be happy.
Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria
Flinders Rangers, South Australia
Whitsunday Islands, Queensland
Northern and Central, New South Wales
Alpine Victoria
and The Red Center (Ayres Rock etc)

From each trip I will post additional behind the scenes photographs and experiences encountered along the way.

One thought on “First Blog

  1. Hi Matt. I have just bought my first second hand MF camera (delivered today) and itching to use it. Have read the manual front to back and now need to buy film and I’m set.

    Anyway, saw your images and they are stunning.



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