Forresters Beach, Central Coast


Forresters Beach

What to do on an overcast and drab day. Why photography of course.

This is a three image exposure blend of +1, 0 and -1. I personally love the water movement created by the several waterfalls off the rocks. Contrasts well with the whole look of the shot. Forresters Beach is a gold mine of textures and vantage point like this one.

I will be making this image into a video tutorial in the near very future so when it is done I will post on the blog to let you all know for those who will be interested to see how this image was put together. I have had quite a few requests for tutorials on exposure blending so this will be the first. So watch this space ok !!

5 thoughts on “Forresters Beach, Central Coast

  1. Thanks guys… Barney I should have the tutorial done soon. Yea the waterfalls were fantastic. After this shoot I am going to look at crap overcast days in a different light.

  2. Yay, another tutorial. I have a blend to try using some images I took from the rifle slots at South Head so I look forward to this one.

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