Forresters Beach, Central Coast



Just got a swag of film back from the lab. Totally forgot I took this shot as my film has been piling up since February. So it was a nice surprise.

This one is taken at sunrise on Forresters Beach, Central Coast, NSW.

Fuji GX617 on Velvia 50 (of course).


0 thoughts on “Forresters Beach, Central Coast

  1. Thanks guys, yea Rod when I can get this kind of light on digital then I will. Took a great set of shots up in the Blue Mountains the other day, didnt even take the 6×17 out of the bag. Will post those shots soon.

  2. Matt… this image finally got me out of the mode of “look at Matt’s blog but don’t post”.
    Truly exceptional shot even by your high standards.
    Good on ya mate, and keep updating… passes the time for me here in corporate-land.

  3. Cheers Barney… yea it is a ripper of a shot. Nice to get some gold looking images, makes a nice change from the red ones. Hope to see some more posts from your or I will just have to lift my game and get more images like this to entice you. 🙂

  4. hey matt .. amazing work mate .. your photos are ones i look forward to seeing .. keep them coming .. cant wait for the new one .. see ya ..

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