Forresters Beach Shoot


On Sunday the 17th of August 2008 I met up with a few guys Neal (Spool Photography) who was over my way on business and an extended photo trip and Brent Pearson who basically was our guide of the area as he had shot the location extensively and found a lot of interesting rock formations, unfortunately the best feature was under water from the high tide.

This shot is just one of quite a few I am yet to go through. There was one location where the huge swell was crashing into the rock wall and the wave splash was incredible. This location is ripe with potential and you can expect to see quite a few more images of this place to come in the near future. Especially with the arrival of my Fuji GX617 this week.

Click on the image for the large version and check out the rock detail in the foreground… just beautiful.

Taken on Canon 1ds Mark II | 24-70mm lens

7 thoughts on “Forresters Beach Shoot

  1. Lovely shot Matt, the rocks are incredible aren’t they…. and you didn’t see the best part of Forresters… the best rocks were under water… go back at a lower tide and you will love it.

    I’m probably going to head back there next weekend as well if the tides are right.

    I posted 2 on my flickr site.


  2. Great shot Matt ,
    Love the water flowing over the edge of the rocks , nice foreground interest as well .
    Cant wait till i get over there and scope out some of these locations 🙂

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