Forresters Beach Shutter Blend

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cc80dAnother shot done messing about with multiple exposure blending. Each shot has been taken at the same aperture (obviously) but at different shutter speeds for movement effects but playing around with the iso on the 5D Mark II from 50 all the way to 1600.

15 images were taken for various events that happened when I was there and I then selected the best three and blended them in this shot. The sky was the longest at 2 minutes for beautiful cloud movement. The center waves at 1.6 sec and the bottom waves over the rocks at 1.3 sec.

With shooting like this you do look at blending in more images ie for water pouring off other rocks but if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. The whole idea is to make the best shot, not with how many images you can blend into it.

This technique the principles behind it and the post production development is now taught on all my private and group courses. It gives you an excellent insight on how to manipulate light through filters, iso and shutter speeds. Basically you can simulate movement effects at the middle of the day that are only really possible in low light situations. Lots and lots of fun.

6 thoughts on “Forresters Beach Shutter Blend

  1. Wow – is this kind shot the future of imaging….? well done mate, haven’t seen too manys other doing this in such light.

    Good on yer….

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