Forresters Beach Water Wall


Well my second outing with my new water housing for the 5D Mk II. The first outing was a total shocker but after a bit of research and a totally different camera set up I actually came back with something worth looking at on screen.

There was next to no surf at all so I hung in the shallows and got what I could along with getting slammed a few times.

I tell you what this surf photography isn’t as easy as it looks and I am yet to really get out into the thick of things (waiting for some decent surf). As they say to rookies wanting to do this you have to get swim fit, so to start I will have to ease up on the Christmas treats.

Expect more of this kind of work in the new year once I get better at it. Time to get the sand out of my undies.

Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year to all my readers.

7 thoughts on “Forresters Beach Water Wall

  1. Clint I think if you live in Hawaii it would be hard not to get awesome surf stuff, but yea his work is great.

    Cain… yea it is pretty risky and I havent been out with the surfers yet. Main concern close in shore is your gear hitting the sand and scratching the lens port when you get dumped.

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