Forresters Rocks, Central Coast, NSW

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With bad weather comes interesting clouds and lighting. Today I ran a course on the Central Coast for a lovely couple Mick and Trudy and we were able to squeeze in a full day just before it poured down.

This was an interesting spot at Forresters Beach with some strong foreground rock and great clouds in the back ground. I deliberately desaturated the clouds which worked well but I had to find a nice balance of contrast as I did have a B&W soft light layer on the clouds but the contrast too much so I got rid of it.

6 thoughts on “Forresters Rocks, Central Coast, NSW

  1. What a poetic world it is.Cloudy,sea-waving, windy,it seems”something” horrible will be coming up.We’d better to hold on” something “strong as a “rock” to feel safe. This photo is full of passions and meanings.It is a great work,but if there is no artificial” edge blur”,it will look more realistic and expensive.

  2. Matt – a very interesting and against-the-odds shot given the lighting

    I love the edge border – nice idea, and well executed with lack of symmetry.


  3. Hey Matt, Like the shot. The soft border sort of goes with the feel and reduced saturation of the shot (i think this is what you were trying to go for with the border?) but i find it a tad distracting. Thats just my opinion, maybe a bit more subtle would work.

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