Free tutorial – Let flickr teach you photography


A new free tutorial has been added to the Rubbing Pixels website… in this tutorial it looks at how a community website like flickr can teach someone photography, with the additional information that can be supplied with images that are uploaded by photographers who’s work you admire.

For beginners it is a good way to see the settings they are using to capture their images especially the aperture and for those who are quite up to speed with their photography it might give you a few ideas on how a shot was taken and approached in terms of focal length and shutter speed or if you are looking at a new style of photography it can give you a good starting point.

When I got my underwater housing my first time out was terrible then after some quick viewing of images and their capture details my second outing with the housing was a total success.

This free tutorials requires the user to be logged in to view. To be logged in you need a members or free guest account. The tutorial can be viewed here.

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