Fuji GX617 & Sydney Harbour Bridge


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Shooting slide film is a harsh mistress. When you get it right it is amazing, when you get it wrong it is very unkind as all slide film shooter will know. This shot is one of the gems taken on my Sydney City Day Course last Sunday.

I composed the shot purposely cutting off the base of the tree and I think it works well and keeps the eye and focus on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. I haven’t seen this composition before either, so it is nice to shoot something that is different and unique… for now anyway.

Shot on the Fuji GX617 (90mm lens) | Velvia 50 | F22 for 5 sec | Lee 2 stop ND soft grad.

9 thoughts on “Fuji GX617 & Sydney Harbour Bridge

  1. Hi Matt,
    Andrew Kendall here from the Sydney Sunday course, this shot came out great, love it! Hey once again thanks for everything, I really enjoyed the day plus took so much away from it. Your tutorials are really helping as well with all the post production. See you around,

  2. nice Matt. Cluttered as it is it is still a great shot that keeps you looking. Must be because of all the detail there to be looked at. Nice light. Looks coolish, not like here in Cairns!!! hehe.

  3. Hi Matt,
    Been a while since last contact, hope all is well. Got some great new images in your portfolio, not sure about this one to be honest. My eye keeps getting drawn the leaning tower of Pisa in the left background. Wondering if a tighter crop to the right of the tower with less sky would work? Anyway, just a thought

  4. Yea it looks a bit on an angle. I will have to fix. Thanks for the comments. Should have seen the tripod I was using for these shots, some plastic thing that cost less than a roll of my film. I had lent my other tripods to the guys on the course.

  5. Blues point tower, good views from up that building!
    Hey matt, remember me? Your clue of the day is… cfl… 😉

  6. Hey Bryce, good to hear from you mate. Did you end up getting that blad setup. Yea I bet the views from up that building would great. Now getting in the building is another thing.

  7. Nah, i think you got the best of the lot… he couldn’t remove the lens off one of the bodies it’d been sitting there for so long!!! I waited and searched and got a fotoman 617, just this month i bought a pano head to stitch with, check out my first post 😉
    hope alls well mate, i missed that rainbow a couple of days ago, spewin!

  8. I like this one Matt, I intend to get to this side of the Harbour Bridge later this week. With the storm that have been coming through Sydney in the last week I hope to have some material to work through when I get back to Wait Awhile.

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