Getting back to my roots – more film less digital.


The other day I was out shooting sunrise down at Terrigal and I had the Fuji GX617 with me for a change. I sat there and took my first shot and without thinking I looked at the back of the camera for the image. Bloody idiot I thought. I took only a handful of digital shots that morning and shot 4 rolls of film and I had a great time just enjoying the sunrise and shooting it like the good old days. There was no rushing around trying to shoot all the angles, playing with grads and histograms. I just shot with my grad in the same spot (pretty much) and when the light had changed I took another shot, moved around a bit to get different compositions. Nice and relaxing.

So I have decided to shoot more film and for the film camera to be the first camera I grab out of the bag other than the digital. I will also be processing film regularly, instead of letting it stock pile up. So to start things off this shot is of the Skillion here on the Central Coast from the GX617 from last week.

7 thoughts on “Getting back to my roots – more film less digital.

  1. Nice shot Matt..the barnicles on the rock in the foreground make it for me.
    Out of curiosity, how much is a gx617 setup? and how big can you print the suckers?

  2. Good call Matt i am in the same boat i find that it takes something out of the whole photography thing and the best part for me in shooting pano is knowing that you have to wait for that right moment where the wave is crashing or about to break instead of shooting 10 images and fixing it is PS later but saying that both film and digital have a place in my bag for the moment i just prefer the way film is shot its not as busy.

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