Horseshoe Falls, Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains, NSW


Shot up to the Blue Mountains yesterday for a spot of waterfall shooting given the weather was perfectly overcast with drizzle. (would have liked a little bit less drizzle).

This one is taken at Horseshoe Falls in Hazelbrook. I have been playing around with a soft mist / glow effect in Photoshop which seams to work well. I think the shot would have benefited from an over exposed shot blended into some of the shadows. Maybe next time.

Got chewed on by a few leaches as well. Bastards…

1 sec | F13 | 100 iso | Polariser | 5D MkII 17-40mm lens @ 19mm


22 thoughts on “Horseshoe Falls, Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains, NSW

    • Never had a leach on me at Somersby Barney…. thanks for the heads up, now I will be paranoid when I go there next… Haha. Worst thing is once you get them off your foot you have to get them off or fingers as they latch on so quickly.

      • hehe – and last time I was up in the Mountains I never saw any either.. bugger, they’re getting everywhere. Yes, leech count was three last time at Somersby (again in drizzle weather, for good shots) one on calf inside jeans, found at time, two down socks when i returned to the car to dry out. yuk Yuk YUK!!!!! I’m taking a 35mm film container with salt in it next time i go. Give ’em a feed.

  1. cool shot matt, i really like how Neal Pritchard processes his waterfall shots, he gets the glow/mist just right and it looks wicked have a look if you haven’t seen them …..i have no idea how he dose it though 🙁


    • Thanks Mitch…. haven’t seen Neils shot but I am guessing there are a few ways to do it. As long as the technique can also be used on an image for printing and not just to look good online then it’s a good technique.

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